Safe Developers is a property development company established by Silgo Group of Companies to build not just property but to build dream Homes.

Even though, Safe Developers is a new company launching its first project, the actual picture is much bigger. Safe Developers is next stage in a natural progression that has been in the making for 35 years.

This progression was set in motion by Silgo group, a construction-based group that started with a building maintenance company in UAE in the early 1980s and since been built piece by piece to span several sectors across UAE and India.

since 1984

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Gardenia Livings

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S N Saxena

"In an ever-increasing economy such as ours, real estate is an especially valuable asset. The human mind has devised this as the most reliable form of security. Generally speaking, it is the only indestructible form of security."

Rahul K Gupta

"One thing I learned about people who succeed at a high level and those who don't is that people who succeed at a high level: Learn from their failures, get up, and move forward. "

Gardenia Livings

You can wake up to a beautiful Garden view from two out of three sides of the development. Book Now!


HO - Office 1605, Silver Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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